Ice Cube has reportedly left a $9 million on the table by walking away from upcoming comedy Oh Hell No due to being asked to take a COVID-19 vaccination.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the producers behind the film requested that the cast and crew be vaccinated to take part in filming. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Ice Cube declined the request and left the project, leaving Sony to search for a replacement.

Ice Cube has promoted masking to prevent spreading the coronavirus, including donating 2,000 face masks to an Oklahoma college.

However, Ice Cube hasn't given a statement regarding the allegation of his possible resistance to getting a vaccine.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that this is the second film Ice Cube has left–he was set to star in Flint Strong, the film about female boxer Claressa “T-Rex” Shields, with Ryan Destiny starring as Shields.

Ice Cube was set to star as Shields’ trainer. But he has since left the film for reasons that haven’t been made public. The film shot for one day before Hollywood shut down because of the coronavirus in March 2020, and now that filming has resumed, it is currently searching for an actor to replace Ice Cube’s character.