I know what you’ve been saying to yourself: “DAMN
I missed that movie ‘I’m In Love with a Church Girl’ with Ja Rule.

I wrote about the film back in October when it sort of
slipped under the radar, when it was released in theaters this fall. But in case
it slipped by you, don’t despair since Cinedigm
will release the film on blu-ray DVD on January 14.

Starring  Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins, Adrienne
Bailon, Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen,
 and Vincent Pastore, and exec produced by Galley Molina and Israel
 (who is the worship leader for Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church), the film deals with “a
retired high-level drug trafficker Miles Montego  (guess who?) who has gone legitimate, though
he has not yet left his old friends and his old lifestyle behind
when he meets Vanessa  a “church
girl”, he is drawn to her spirituality even though she’s nothing like the
girls he’s used to dating. As Miles struggles to stay on the right side of the
law, both he and Vanessa find that their faith in God — and each other — is
tested to its limits.

If that doesn’t get you to want to see it I don’t know
what will.

Among the extra features that will be included in the
DVD are: “The Making of I’m in Love with a Church Girl”, Deleted
Scenes and, interestingly, a featurette entitled “Galley Molina: The Real Miles Montego”  which obviously means the film is based on
co-exec producer Mllina’s real life experiences.

Here’s the trailer: