Yvonne Orji said that the tear-jerking bathroom scene in the Insecure finale was one that had her crying for real.

Orji tweeted the clip from the finale with the caption, “This scene in the bathroom was the final scene I shot as Molly. During one of the takes, [showrunner Prentice Penny] told me to go off script and thank @IssaRae for how she changed my life. We were crying for real FOR REAL.”

Penny also tweeted about the scene.

He wrote, “I love this scene. That was really my advice. We had shot @YvonneOrji side and I wanted Issa to be surprised by something. So I told Yvonne to thank her as Yvonne not Molly. Then Yvonne said ‘Say less’ and Issa was all tears. We ALL were!!”

He also tweeted:

“The real love story is Issa And Molly. Black women being dope as f— and thriving in the face of anything is what we are really watching.”

He also tweeted that he scheduled the shoot so the scene would be the last one Rae and Orji shot together.

Rae talked about what it was like working on the show in October interview with Shadow and Act.

She said that the show was always about a Black woman’s journey to self-acceptance and growth.

“This was always a story about growth and the journey from insecurity to acceptance and that’s exactly what we wanted to showcase,” she said. “I wasn’t interested in telling a show where each character stays the same, that’s more of a sitcom vibe. So this journey of figuring one’s self out and evolving with intention was something that we set out for each character.”

“…I will never be able to fully articulate what it means to me where people I love so much believed in me and really came through,” she added tearfully. “I know that this doesn’t come along often and I won’t get that experience again.”