Web series are all the rage these days it seems. I probably get 3 to 5 emails every week from producers informing me of their newly-created series, asking for coverage on S&A.

It’s becoming a little overwhelming, with these emails really stacking up over the last few months, and I’ve been trying to think of a way to manage this new frontier and give as many of these web series some pub, so that targeted audiences can find them.

So far, no luck coming up with a plan, but the email intros keep pouring in.

So, here’s what I’m thinking folks… here’s a money-making idea that someone with the will can capitalize on. There needs to be a website that operates like a combo TV Guide/Rotten Tomatoes for black web series (or even web series in general); maybe one already exists, and I just don’t know about it. And, by the way, I’m not just talking about a database of web series, but, further, a database that can be sorted in a variety ways, and that includes ratings from both critics and general audiences – a rating system that’ll take time to build of course.

But it’ll be great to go to a site like this, and, let’s say, find out what the top 10 highest rated (whether by critics, audiences, or a combo of both) web series in 2010 were, for example. Or I could find out what’s hot this week, since I’ll be able to sort by “Most Viewed,” or “Most Commented On.”

There could even be an MPAA-type of certification organization that assigns ratings to each one; for example, “A” for adult material; “T” for teens and older; and so on. And a user will also be able to sort the database, taking that criteria into consideration.

Get the picture? How difficult would it be to put something like that together?

The production/distribution process has long been democratized, and thus, more and more new web series are popping up everyday it seems. Someone needs (or some people need) to come up with a way to contain and manage all of it, so that the discovery process for the audience isn’t a daunting one.

But for now, what I’ve done below is embed glimpses of a few of the most recent web series intros I received, and we’ll continue to feature those that get the best reactions from readers. So, in essence, YOU get to decide what stays and what goes, based on what you see and read below.

Probably not the way the producers of each series prefers that I handle this, but, this is what I can do for now.

To be fair, I’ll feature just 3 a week, to give each as much time as I possible. And without further ado, here are the first trio… again, you watch, you decide.

First up, Rachel Benjamin’s Kiki- My Everyday Struggle which centers on ups and downs of Kiki’s relationship with her boyfriend Marcus. Here’s episode 1:

Second, Liza Out Loud, Brooklyn’s Finest, produced by Winsome Sinclair, and directed by Brian Luvar, which follows the lives of 5 black women living and loving in Brooklyn, NY.

Third is Howton U, created by Ashford J. Thomas, which follows the “comedic misadventures” of 3 college freshman students at HBCU, Howton University.