A new anime series starring Jaden Smith is coming to Netflix.

Neo Yokio is created by Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend. It is a play on Neo Tokyo, a city in the iconic anime, Akira. Neo Yokio is a cultural oasis mix of New York and Tokyo at the forefront of fashion, finance and culture.

Smith voices the series’ star, Kaz Kaan, who is the youngest in a family of “magistocrats.” They are pink-haired demon slayers who once liberated the city. Now, Kaz only demon-slays as coordinated by his Aunt Agatha (Susan Sarandon), when he’d rather be shopping, playing field hockey with his friends Lexy and Gottlieb (The Kid Mero and Desus Nice) or chilling with his robot/butler, Charles (Jude Law).

However, he’s drawn into a new world by an ex-fashion blogger and realizes there is more to Neo Yokio than what meets the eye, and this will make him question everything he knows about the city.

Willow Smith and Amandla Stenberg are also voicing characters in smaller roles.

The 6-episode first season premieres on Netflix on September 22.

Watch the trailer below: