Jamie Foxx is set to join Anthony Mackie and Elizabeth Banks in a film on the landmark Signal Hill police brutality court case.

Mackie is set to star as Johnnie Cochran and Foxx has been added as Black Panther leader, Geronimo Pratt. Banks will play Mary Neiswender, “an investigative newspaper reporter for the Long Beach Press-Telegram who investigated and broke stories on the coverup.”

This reunites Foxx with Taylor Hackford, who directed Ray. Hackford directs and produces here.

Years before he represented the likes of O.J. Simpson, Cochran represented Pratt, a Black Panther party leader and Vietnam vet. He helped overturn a conviction that would have sent him to jail for 27 years, including settling a false imprisonment suit.

The Signal Hill case revolves around Ron Settles, a Cal Star Long Beach football standout who was picked up for speeding and after his arrest, was found hanging in his cell. While the police called suicide, an autopsy showed that was choked to death. It is unknown who will portray Settles.

No word on a timetable for production.

H/T: Deadline