The “who will play Django” shuffle continues… from Will Smith, to Idris Elba, and now… Jamie Foxx?

From Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411:

“Quentin Tarantino‘s “Django Unchained”? That’s the talk as the film–which already sounds great and it hasn’t even been filmed. Last night at the Tony’s, Jackson told me that he’s psyched, and that when we hear the whole story and script everyone’s going to go crazy. Tarantino wrote the script for his Oscar winner, Christoph Waltz, who must still be kicking himself that the “Inglourious Basterds” director found him in the first place. It’s an amazing story. Leonardo DiCaprio is also definitely signed. If Foxx joins the cast, it means he’s replacing Will Smith, who was discussed originally for the film. It’s good news for Jamie Foxx, who’s let his music career over take his film side. The Oscar winner for “Ray” could be a great Tarantino addition.”

I wasn’t aware that DiCaprio was “definitely signed.” I knew Tarantino wanted him, but I didn’t realize it was already a done deal.

But really, if the choice came down to Will Smith or Jamie Foxx, I think Jamie is far better suited for the role than Will is, who I think, it’s probably safe to say at this point, has passed on the role. But I’m still going with what I said when I reviewed the script – Michael K. Williams for the win!

Friedman doesn’t really elaborate, other than to say “that’s the talk,” which doesn’t necessarily mean much. Although, to be frank, I’m over all the leaks and announcements; I hope this thing gets cast really soon so that we can all put it to bed and the movie will finally get made 🙂