A Different World legend Jasmine Guy is booked and busy as ever.

Following her recurring role in Amazon Prime Video’s Harlem, and now she’s stepping into a new role alongside Carolyn Hennesy in the new Lifetime film, Vanished: Searching  For My Sister.

“I play a detective and I have a partner who’s played by Carolyn Hennessy,” she said in a recent interview with Shadow and Act. “We are investigating the missing person which happens to be the twin sister of Tatyana Ali’s character.”

For Guy, thanks to shows like 'NCIS' and true crime documentaries, playing a detective is something that she’s always dreamt of doing.

“It’s a very suspenseful kind of thriller and I just had a ball, I mean I love playing a detective,” she chuckled. “I’ve always wanted to be a detective on TV, I watch those kinds of shows all of the time, and a lot of my investigative work was done on TV because I don’t know any detectives which is probably a good thing because if I did, it may be because I was in some kind of trouble.”

Working alongside Hennessy also helped Guy morph into her role. 

“We didn’t know each other prior to the movie, but I love the relationship that we had, we felt like an old pair of shoes,” she recalled. “Although we had just met as actors, our characters knew each other really well and looked out for each other and I love that relationship between two women.”

When there’s a first time for everything, memories are bound to be made. Guy reflects on some of the most memorable scenes while filming which includes reconnecting on the screen with another Black sitcom favorite, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Tatyana Ali. 

“Working with Tatyana was great for me,” said Guy. “I met Tatyana when she was a little girl on Fresh Prince, I did an episode on the show and we also did a Christmas movie together a while ago and just seeing her grow up and still be as confident and beautiful and warm as she was as a little kid, I love that.”

According to Guy, despite the fact that her character works closely alongside Ali’s in an investigative space, it was actually more maternal and close-knit.

As someone who has been in the business for nearly four decades, Guy remains committed to sharing our stories and plans to continue to do the same this year.

“It is important that we show our stories, not just the usual stories that we learned,” Guy explained. “We have to tell our stories because you may not learn it from school, but it’s nothing like passing down stories which I’ll have the chance to do with an upcoming project, The Lady Makers airing in February where I play the domestic maid for three Jewish women that are caught between two generations.”

Find out just why Jasmine Guy says that Vanished: Searching For My Sister is full of love, suspense, and pain when it airs this Saturday, January 22 at 8 p.m. only on Lifetime.