This I received from Jason Gilmore, whos story was featured on S&A a few weeks ago (read it HERE if you missed it). 

Read what he has to say below, and help a brotha out…

Hi Tambay,

I was writing to ask your help for a film project that I'm working on. As you might remember, I've been working for the last year to get a feature script I wrote called All the Children Are Insane financed and made. It is the story of a cutthroat, laid-off investment trader who battles his controlling sister & drug-addicted brother over their dying father's wealthy estate.

I am currently a part of a contest run by Juntobox Films (co-founded by Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker) that is offering to put the money up for our film, provided we can prove that enough people want to see it.

So, as soon as you can, please go to and 1) follow & rate our project, 2) rate our logline and/or synopsis, 3) if you feel inclined, leave a comment.

That's it. It will take no more than five minutes of your time and, hopefully, contribute to fulfill a dream I've been chasing for 18 years.

Thanks in advance and feel free to spread the word.


Jason Gilmore