In November, reports about a possible daytime talk show featuring Jennifer Hudson would replace The Ellen DeGeneres after its final season.

The talks were ongoing with her and the network, and apparently, Hudson was primed to make her talk show debut and be the flagship talk show for Warner Bros. Now, Jennifer Hudson has addressed the reports.

1. Jennifer Hudson on having a potential talk show

During a recent interview the American idol star, commented on the rumors surrounding her venture into the daytime talk show world saying in a recent interview:

“I would love to do that, that would be a whole new interesting world to walk into. I do love talking as you could probably already tell, and I love to Jennifer-ize people. So maybe I will make it into your living room, 2022 is definitely going to let us know for sure!”

She didn’t confirm or deny, but there are clearly still talks going on as she says this year we will know for sure whether or not the show is happening.

Hudson continued, “Here at Jhud Productions, we always got a plan. And we never stop working and, as I always say, you will always see me try and grow so there’s always a plan, I can tell you that much.”

Hudson and her team have a plan and don’t want to spill any details while still working out a potential deal.

If you are itching to see Jennifer Hudson on screen you can watch her portrayal of Aretha Franklin in the biographical musical drama Respect which is now available to rent across multiple streaming platforms.