You may recall a couple of weeks ago the S & A post about Jennifer Hudson’s lack of a film career. Well, maybe she read it because, lately she’s been working hard to prove us wrong.

Not only will she have a role as Sister Rosemary in the Farrelly brother’s upcoming Three Stooges movie, it’s now been revealed that she will also have a supporting role in the indie drama Mister and Pete, to be directed by George Tillman Jr. (Faster) and co-produced by Alicia Keys who of course co-starred with Hudson in The Secret Life of Bees.

In the film, Hudson will play a NY drug addict mother whose arrest forces her son and his best friend to fend for themselves. According to Hudson, her character will be “very surprising” , and though “it’s a small role it has ranges and layers to it.”

The production is scheduled to start shooting in August.