What better way to celebrate your birthday than with your own television show?

Ahead of Jennifer Hudson’s 41st birthday and the premiere of her new daytime television show, Shadow & Act Unscripted caught up with the esteemed entertainer to discuss what she says, “feels like a dream come true.”

"I think the ultimate goal is to be a light and to help everybody else shine in their own light," Hudson told Shadow & Act.

“Helping people to pull out their superpower, have fun, and ultimately meeting them wherever their village is, and bringing that to the show, is what I’m looking forward to the most,” she continued. “It’s a journey and an experience for all of us, not just me.”

Going the daytime route versus entering the late night television industry was a no-brainer for Hudson who says it’s all about helping others see their light.

"I love the sun. I can't wait til the next day," she expressed. "Each day is a gift and I want to be that light."

As a woman of EGOT status, Hudson also explained how preparing to host her own show is much different from how she approaches projects like film, television, and music.

“So this is the thing that I find to be the greatest challenge, I feel like I should be doing something to prepare. Dealing with characters, it’s about studying and building and things like that, and with music I meet up with a producer or songwriter before it becomes a song,” the Respect actress explained. “With this, they’re like, ‘Just be yourself.’ It’s so bizarre that this is like the most foreign thing, when all they’re telling me I have to do is be myself. I feel like I should be doing something extra to prepare [chuckles].”

Hudson also admits that this is a full circle moment having stemmed from the city that was the home of The Oprah Winfrey Show for twenty-five seasons.

“I don’t know any other show that could compete with it, it’s one of the best shows the world has ever seen,” said Hudson, explaining the impact that The Oprah Winfrey Show had on her as a Chicago native. “With it being in my hometown, that’s what I was most proud of. Talk shows are embedded in our country’s society so it’s something that’s always been there that I think inspires us all.”

Overall, Hudson hopes that her show will serve as a safe space that feels like home for everyone tuning in.

"'The Jennifer Hudson Show' is everything that this world needs right now," Hudson explained. "It'll be a positive outlet."

“I want it to feel like you came to my house, like you said, ‘Oh let me just drop by Jennifer’s today,'” and I’ll be there to say, ‘Come on in,'” she beamed.

The Jennifer Hudson Show airs on weekdays.