Jeopardy! fans are dismayed by how contestants had no idea who Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is.

BET reports that during Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, contestants Tyler Rhode, Amy Schneider and Maureen O’Neil displayed less than championship behavior by not knowing who the history-making court justice is.

1. The clue read, "She's the first Black woman on the Supreme Court and the first justice to have been a federal public defender."

Fans chided the Jeopardy! champions for not knowing the answer to what should have been a softball question, seeing as how Jackson only recently joined the Supreme Court. One commenter wrote on Twitter, “It’s like my whole life means nothing.”

2. Another wrote, "Of course they didn't. Most Jeopardy contestants can run the table in random, obscure categories like 'Foods That Start With The Letter 'Q'' but can't remember Ketanji Brown Jackson's name."

This isn’t the first time Jeopardy! has left its fans confused and frustrated. Contestants have thought Diana Ross was in her 90s, and another contestant, Megan Wachspress, won over competitor Sadie Goldberger in a technicality that became a controversial moment for fans.

3. Last year, fans were gunning for LeVar Burton to become the original show's new host after the death of Alex Trebek.

But Burton was blocked out of the role by Mike Richards, who quickly stepped down after it was revealed he was the subject of multiple discrimination lawsuits and harassment claims.