Alright… so we know that John Singleton is planning to reunite Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese Gibson in a new film, since they were last paired up in his 2001 drama Baby Boy; although, as has already been noted, this upcoming new film is NOT a sequel to Baby Boy, and neither Singleton, nor the two actors have revealed much about what this secret new project. 

Well… at the black cinema townhall discussion I participated in this past weekend, on Saturday, at the Museum Of The Moving Image here in NYC, put together by Warrington Hudlin (titled We Gotta Have It: The 20th Anniversary of the New Wave of Black Cinema), John Singleton was one of the guest interviews, and he revealed a little bit more about the upcoming Taraji/Tyrese project. Emphasis on "a little bit more;" No real plot details, no other casting announcements, no expected shoot and/or release dates. None of that.


But what he did reveal was the following, verbatim: "It's a crazy, dysfunctional love story set in the hood."

And he also said that it's an original script he's written, and it will indeed be his next project.

That's it! Not a lot, but a little more than what we knew before today.  

Of course, a lot still has to happen before it goes before cameras… like, you know, financing it. He didn't say anything about that however.

So, let your imaginations start to run wild…