Jonathan Majors gave a funny and heartfelt speech commending Michael B. Jordan during Jordan’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Throughout his speech, Majors frequently called Jordan, who starred opposite him and directed him in Creed III, his “brother” and also gave a special shout-out to Jordan’s “family and his deep, personal friends who helped get this fella this far.”

Calling him “Michael B. Handsome,” Majors began comparing Jordan to Hercules and the twelve labors the mythical Greek character had to endure on his way to capture a virtuous life.

“Michael to me represents a mythical character. I don’t think it’s an act of luck or an act of chance that so many people see him as Adonis, that he was cast as Adonis [in Creed], that he has taken this story and pushed it forward,” said Majors.

“In my time with Mike…I’ve seen him fight in many rounds in many things. Sometimes it’s his body giving out on the day of shooting, him looking at me in the eye saying, ‘Let’s go, let’s continue,'” he said. “…He’s empathetic, his agility has been pushed to its nth degree, he’s got to deal with my crazy ass, everybody’s pulling on him…and I’m giving him hell in there. But he’s dealing with it with a mythic effort, with a god-like integrity…I watched him move with integrity, each and every round.”

He also joked that watching the first Creed film “inspired me to get an Equinox membership.” But on a more  serious note, he added that the second Creed film inspired him to ask a group of young Black men from the Yale School of Drama to watch the film “I knew that whatever Michael B. Jordan was doing and putting into the world had some good in it and that he represented us in the best way possible.”

Majors also spoke at length about how great of a friend Jordan has been to him.

“He’s held that contract [of friendship] up so deeply and so fully and it breaks my heart with so much joy and satisfaction to call you my friend, brother,” he said.

Watch the full video below.