We have written about writer and director
Jono Oliver’s remarkable and moving
feature film Home
, several times on S & A (including a rave review from me HERE), and now you may finally get a chance to see it for yourself.

After numerous film festival screenings across the country, including most recently the Black Harvest
Film Festival
in in Chicago this
past August, and winning several best feature awards, Home is set to open in theaters in New York and Los Angeles
on November 22nd.

The film, which was recently picked up for distribution
by eOne, will be opening at the Arena Theatre in Los Angeles for a
limited one-week run, as well as in New
at the Quad Cinema on the
same day.

The film tells the story about a man, extraordinarily played by Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire,
), who suffers from mental illness, who tries to rebuild his life and reconnect
with his estranged son by accomplishing one primary goal: moving out of the group
home where he resides and into an apartment of his own.

But it’s a lot more than that.

As Oliver says about his film, it’s “an
ubiquitous story about hope, redemption and moving forward in life did on some
level I think all of us can relate to. It is a drama that involves a man who
is, at times, against all odds. Yet…while the stakes are high and his chances
of success might seem bleak, his determination, and interactions – with a
colorful assortment of characters – give this world a sense of humor, humanity,
and – despite the serious subject matter – make the story fun.

 In other words it’s
a genuine feel good movie that you really can’t afford to miss.