Joseline Hernandez is known for popping off but now a cast member on her show Joseline’s Cabaret is accusing her and her fiance of attacking her.

However, as viewers see on social media, Hernandez doesn’t appear to be worried. Joseline’s Cabaret cast member Amber Ali says she was jumped by the couple

Ali took to social media on Wednesday, Mar. 16 to allege that Hernandez and Ballistic assaulted her. “Yes I’m in the hospital because Joseline kicked me and Ballistic attacked me, but I only came to the hospital because my ribs are very bruised because Joseline had some big a** boots on and she kicked me. My ribs look like this…” she said while laying from her hospital bed and exposing the alleged injuries in question

Ali made several social media posts

She continued, adding she will be addressing the situation legally. “So I have to make sure my ribs aren’t broken or bruised, other than that sh*t I’m good. Ballistic just ripped my hair off my head. He ripped my real hair out, we gon handle this in court,” she added.


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In a separate video, she claimed Ballistic got involved after she was winning in a fight with Hernandez

 You a whole f***kin’ man, and you gon put your hands on me?” she said, noting that she drew first blood with Hernandez.

She added, “I get I knocked your b*tch out, but yo b*tch is steady rushing me, steady attacking, just kicked the sh*t out of me. When Joseline kicked me, Ballistic like, ‘Yeah Amber you gon keep running up and she gon keep doing it to yo a**, she gon drop-kick again.’”

The Zeus network releases a statement

Zeus, which airs Joseline’s Cabaret, released a statement regarding the incident. Despite them believing that it’s important to showcase things as they happen as authentically as possible and in real time they insist they do not condone nor promote violence of any kind. 


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Some are calling for the show to be canceled altogether.

Hernandez also took to social media, claiming she’s ignoring the chatter and anything else that doesn’t make her money after fellow Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee commented, hinting at Hernandez’s alleged drug use. 


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In regards to Ali, Hernandez made it known she’s not worried about any lawsuit due to Ali signing up for the show. She also seemingly taunted her about her injuries. 

She put out a series of tweets

“Mortal Kombat,” she said. “I mortal kombat one hoe, Pimped slapped another 1, Pushed one into last nights episode. Kiked down a few on the ground. I slapped fire out of everyone on that stage. Me n my crew. Wait for it. Keep crying from your hospital bed with your broken ribs one kik you flew into next day Rotten mouth ass hoe. And for you dumb b*tches when you sign up for a reality show you CANNOT filed a lawsuit against anyone on the show. You dummies.”

In a final message, she said,  "Y’all hoes stay out my d**k n go get you some money. Mind you all you hoes forever my hoes. you work for me until uou die. I ain’t Gona never stop."