Judd Apatow deleted his tweets about Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars after making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia.

Apatow tweeted, according to Newsweek, “He [Smith] could have killed him. That’s pure out of control rage and violence. They’ve heard a million jokes about them in the last three decades. They are not freshman in the world of Hollywood and comedy. He lost his mind.”

“I have more hair on my back than on my head and I can take a joke about it,” he continued. “Seems like Will Smith’s plan to get comedians and the world to not make jokes about him is not going to pan out. The Williams family must be furious. Pure narcisissm. Also- GI Jane was gorgeous. What exactly is insulting about being compared to a ripped, stunning, Demi [Moore]?”

The tweets were, of course, saved and retweeted after they were deleted.

The tweets were, of course, saved and retweeted after they were deleted. Twitter users also took Apatow to task for employing white pearl-clutching at Black people having emotions, as well as for making light of a disability.

“Judd Apatow got on Twitter and attempted to portray will smith as a murderer. The level of anti-Blackness from white folks in hollywood will never surprise me LMAO,” wrote one commenter. Another also took Apatow to task for painting Smith as a criminal, writing, “judd apatow talking about violence and rage after a tiny slap but not about continuing to work with james franco after multiple instances of him being violent against women.”

Another also brought up Apatow’s other tweet about Smith’s “soft” punches. Apatow wrote in his tweet, “Will smith screwed over @questlove who deserved his moment without that toxic nonsense before him. I’m glad Chris is ok. Will learned nothing training for Ali. Will Smith’s punches are as soft as his raps.”

The response Apatow got for this particular tweet was, "Which is it @JuddApatow? Did Smith almost kill him or are his punches as soft as his raps?"

While the anti-Blackness train is never late, clearly, there will be more hot takes about this incident for days to come.