The fans are sounding off on Judge Steve Harvey‘s latest ruling in the case of a woman who couldn’t pay her boyfriend her half of the rent.

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Brian Lupi, the plaintiff, sued her girlfriend Carolina Malagasy for $3,400 in back rent, despite the fact that Malagasy was transitioning between jobs and was worried about being able to save money. Harvey understood the fact that Lupi was wanting the money, but sympathized with Malagasy’s plight because of his prior struggles with homelessness and limited funds.

Harvey still awarded Lupi his $3,400, but out of sympathy, he said the court would pay Malagasy’s back debt and awarded Malagasy an extra $5,000 so she can get back on her feet and possibly leave Lupi, who seemed to only see the money she owed instead of how she contributed to the relationship in other ways.

Twitter had a field day dissecting the decision, with some feeling good about Harvey's ruling and others thinking Malagasy took advantage of the court.

“I understand both sides. But I could never see myself laying next to someone who would sue me for losing my job because of the pandemic (I’m assuming), especially when I take care of everything else,” wrote one commenter. “Brian don’t care. He just wants his money.”

"That was amazing!" wrote another viewer.

“Finally a judge show where the judge sees the humanity in people instead of humiliating them.”

Another added, “I mean idk about y’all but if my boyfriend sued me we wouldn’t be in a relationship no more…”

Another wrote an opposite opinion.

“She just don’t want to pay her bill,” they wrote. “These d**n tears gave her sympathy from Steve and gave her an easy way out. I didn’t buy her tears. He was paying 75% of the bills and all she had to do was keep her job and pay 25%. Lady bye!”

Check out the clip below and see what you think: