An out-of-pocket woman stunned Steve Harvey and the audience on the premiere episode of Judge Steve Harvey.

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In the new ABC primetime courtroom comedy series, “real-life people with real-life conflicts will present their case in his courtroom, ranging from family disputes, unpaid bets, sour friendships and everything in between. With the help of Nancy, his trusted bailiff by trade, Steve plays by his own rules, basing his courtroom on his own life experiences and some good old common sense.”

Sisters Daphne Springs and Tiffani Brooks went to Harvey’s (non-legal) court to hash out a domestic issue regarding their brother’s funeral. Springs said that she wrote a check of $6,000 to Brooks to pay for their brother’s funeral, but Brooks used the money on a Brazilian Butt Lift and liposuction.

Brooks then said that she didn't owe anyone an explanation as to how or why she used the money.

Once Harvey questioned her, she eventually said she cremated her brother, but accidentally revealed that the family had collectively decided to cremate him and she neglected to tell Springs the decision. When Springs, who didn’t know about the cremation plans, gave money for the funeral, Brooks simply pocketed the money.

After trying to get out of the truth, she eventually copped to everything, saying that she did use the money for her flights and hotel expenses. Harvey said that Brooks owed Springs the $6,000, with Brooks asserting that Springs actually owed her money.

According to Meaww, fans immediately reacted to the case, with one writing, “This is actually so sad omg how could she use her brother’s funeral fund for a bbl[?]” Another called her “cold,” while many others lambasted Brooks for being selfish.

You can watch the latest Judge Steve Harvey on ABC; the show airs each Tuesday at 8/7c.