Jungle, Prime Video‘s UK original series centered around the UK rap and drill music scene, is meant to capture what Britain’s youth are responding to today.

Shadow and Act talked with Jungle co-creators Chas Appeti and Junior Okoli about the role rap and drill music played in the development of the series.

Appeti said that Jungle came about because of a lot of cinematic influences.

“[I] just think it’s an accumulation of lots of different films,” said Appeti. we’re both real avid film lovers, so cinema to us, it’s quite a big thing…I think it’s just trying to create that whole atmosphere across the whole of the series in terms of…the story, the way it’s lit…I think it’s an accumulation of everything. And that’s what we’re really meticulous with to make sure that you know, we ticked all the right boxes when we were doing that, to make it have that sense of depth and that sort of cinematic feel to it.”

Okoli said using drill music in the series is way to reflect what young people are going through in these times. Music was always going to be a huge part of the series, he said.

“The music was always going to be a factor, a massive consideration. But no more than the visuals and no more than the story and the character arcs. You have to pay just as much attention onto each of these. Each of these factors, hence probably why it’s reached the level it has in terms of cinematography and visuals and whatnot.” said Okoli.

“…And the music itself…was just a means to communicate a message to the youth, essentially, to keep people engaged so that they can watch it to the end, they want to get the full message,” Okoli continued. “And moral of the of the story [is] it could have been anything–it could have been operatic it could have been could have been pop music. It could even be in like, you know, country and western. It wasn’t so much of a genre of music–it’s [that] drill right now is the music of the youth. And…you can’t suppress the movement of the youth. All you can do is just understand it…and embrace it.”

Watch the full interview below.

Jungle stars a cast of actors and rappers including Ezra Elliot, RA, M24, Fado, K Koke, Jaykae, IAMDDB, Seyi-Andes-Pelumi, and AMARIA BB, as well as over 30 more of the country’s biggest rap and drill artists including Tinie Tempah, Big Nartie, Unknown T, Jordan McCann, Double Lz and Bando K.

The description of Jungle is as follows:

Jungle follows the connected lives of several strangers, each facing their own struggle, viewed through the prism of UK rap and drill music, and gives a perspective on an often-unseen world. Frequently misunderstood, it’s a world where one law governs everything: only the strongest will survive. As the strangers’ worlds begin to unravel around them, they come to the realization that every action, no matter how small, has a consequence. Portraying the city through compelling visuals whilst detailing the many perils of day-to-day life in inner city London, Jungle ultimately seeks to convey a bigger message about the true value of life.

Jungle is now streaming on Prime Video.

Also, check out an exclusive clip from the show below: