MTV has a new movie coming out featuring a star-studded cast.

Pretty Stoned is an all-new original movie featuring a female-led cast. The film, which is written by Blayne Weaver, is executive produced by Ari Pearce, Andrew Lutin, and Janée Dabney for MTV Entertainment Studios, with Donny Hugo Herran and Carlos Lugo serving as executives in charge of production. Jonathan Hawk serves is the director and executive producer.

According to an official synopsis:

Set in Atlanta, the comedy follows two dueling co-workers: one a total stoner with no commitment to her job and the other a type-A high-achiever focused on her career. The two women must join forces when they find themselves sky-high in a boatload of trouble after one of them disposes of $20,000 worth of pot from a drug Queen Pin and her henchwomen.

The new film stars several well-known celebrities.

  • Pretty Vee will play Stella, a proud stoner who finds herself sky-high in a boatload of trouble during her favorite day of the year, 4/20.
  • Paris Berelc will play Darcy, a feisty, high-strung over-achiever and Stella’s co-worker.
  • Brandee Evans will play Tick Tock, a tough, intense henchwoman and Madame X’s enforcer.
  • Kandi Burruss-Tucker will play Mrs. Thompson, Meena’s fabulously wealthy mother.
  • Chris Renfro will play Blaize, Stella’s confident yet perpetually stoned roommate.
  • Skye Townsend will play Leila, a new-age hippie and middleman in Madame X’s drug operation.
  • Chase Anthony will play Bridger, an easygoing manager of the marijuana dispensary.
  • Jess Hilarious will play Cameo, one of Tick Tock’s sidekicks who carries out her wishes.
  • Tabatha “DreamDoll” Robinson will play Meena, Darcy’s rich girlfriend and Mrs. Thompson’s daughter.
  • Additional celebrity cameos include D.C. Young Fly, Porsha Williams and Navv Greene.

Pretty Stoned debuts April 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Check out the first look photos below:

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Photo: MTV
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