Kandi Burruss is coming out against former The Real Housewives of Atlanta producer Carlos King. Burruss claims that King tried to steal her life story for an Xscape biopic he sold to TVOne in 2017.

In an interview with Haus of Aaron, Burruss said how King allegedly got Xscape’s story sold behind her back and even tried to get Burruss’s mother to interview with him to learn more about the group for the project.

Burruss said her mother was under the impression from one of King's associates that the interview would be for a documentary about the group.

“My main issue with Carlos is he is the one who stole my group’s life story and sold it to TVOne, and for that I just can’t get past it. He had been working with us that entire season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she said, adding that her husband Todd had already had issues with King that they were resolved to move past. “The season wrapped in November and in December and…I was talking to a [director] friend and I as like, ‘Hey, we should do a movie about our group’s life,’ and they were like, ‘Somebody’s already doing it.'”

At the time, she thought one of her other group members had gotten their life story to a director, but she soon found out it was King who did it.

“Come to find out he is the person who had did the deal with TV One to sell our life story and was going try to ask my mother questions about us unknowingly to try to get more information, I guess, for the show,” she said.

Burruss said she fought for King to be the executive producer of her first 'Real Housewives' spinoff 'Kandi's Wedding.' She says decision to allegedly steal Xscape's story ruined their relationship.

She said, “Our show was the first show he was executive producer of. I literally fought for him to be the executive producer of my show, to be the lead executive producer. For you to have somebody that you went out for…to do that to me, I have no respect for him.”

Watch the full interview below.