Kandi Burruss is letting fans know that RHOA “will survive” despite some cast exits and is better than the last few seasons.

When it was announced that a cast shake-up was coming for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, rumors sparked of a possible return of Phaedra Parks, but it was later announced that Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey would not be returning.

With her new show 'Kandi & The Gang' out now, Burruss chatted with US Weekly and gave a bit of insight regarding the new season of 'RHOA.'

She shared, “When we got ready to start the season, I was a little nervous because I’m like, ‘OK, we are losing two peaches that are very important to the franchise. How’s that gonna go?’ But let me tell you, no diss to them, this season is going to be way better than the last few. I would say it’s a really, really good season and I’m excited for people to watch.”


She also teased the blowup that is going to come up between her and Marlo Hampton

“[This season] was stressful to me with a whole argument with Marlo,” Burruss shared. “We were saying things that were very below the belt at each other, we were throwing some really low blows.”

“I was the main one saying that Marlo should get a peach,” she continued. I kept telling everybody that and so when she got her peach, I was excited for her. I was not expecting for me and her to bump heads. That was the last thing I was expecting. If you can roll back to when she first came on the show in season four, she and I bumped heads then, so it was similar to that, but a little worse.”

Recently, Burruss talked about her new show with S&A and also teased season 14:

“On Kandi & The Gang, I think you’ll get to see a lot of transparency because I think after so many years, a lot of people don’t want to mess up their brand, they don’t want to show certain things when it comes to RHOA,” she told us. “It’s not even really about Todd and me, it’s more so about the stuff that’s happening with everybody else that works there and this is their first season on television so they are extremely transparent about everything that they have going on. Another thing is that this series has more men than any other reality show that I believe that Bravo has.”

Specifically on season 14, she said, “This new season is even better because the women are a lot more transparent. I’m just giving you that tidbit because it hasn’t come out yet, but it’s going to be really good in that way.”

Kandi & The Gang airs Sunday nights on Bravo.