The Kenan Thompson comedy series, Kenan, is among three cancellations that were handed down by NBC on Thursday.

Drama series The Endgame and comedy series Mr. Mayor were also axed.

On the renewal front, Young Rock, Grand Crew and American Auto will be back. And on the pilot side, Quantum Leap and Lopez vs. Lopez.

'Kenan' and 'Mr. Mayor' had two seasons while 'The Endgame' had just one.

Kenan followed “the life of busy single dad Kenan Williams (Kenan Thompson), who is juggling a high-profile job as host of Atlanta morning show “Wake Up With Kenan!”and raising two adorable pre-teen daughters – the too smart Aubrey (Dani Lane) and the silly, unpredictable Birdie (Dannah Lane).” Chris Redd, Don Johnson, Kimrie Lewis and Taylor Louderman also starred.

'Mr. Mayor,' which followed "a retired businessman (Ted Danson) who runs for mayor of Los Angeles to prove he’s “still got it," starred Ted Danson, Holly Hunter, Vella Lovell, Mike Cabellon, Kyla Kenedy and Bobby Moynihan.

And cat & mouse thriller 'The Endgame' starred Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathé.