The cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has just begun filming the 15th season, but rumors are already swirling. The cast banned together for the 40th birthday party of Aaron Ross, the husband of Sanya Richards Ross. Sheree Whitfield’s new man Martell Holt was in attendance. According to sources, Kenya Moore and Holt have a tense exchange of words, and reality TV producer Carlos King says it was an epic showdown.

Carlos King confirms rumors

During the latest episode of his Reality with the King podcast, King confirmed that something went down with Holt and Moore.

“There’s a video that has leaked online that appears to show Martell filming with Sheree by his side with Kenya the Legend Moore standing across from him. And, a lot of people are speculating whether or not Kenya and Martell were having a heated discussion,” he began.  

"The only thing I’ll say is… I heard it went down, basement. And that, yep, Martell versus Kenya… To know that something may have gone down with Martell and Kenya One thing we know about Martell, Martell will speak his mind," King added.

While attending BravoCon recently, Moore made it known that she’s no fan of Holt and that she feels Whitfield needs to do a better job of choosing partners.



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King continued about the fallout, noting that he knows Holt isn't shy from speaking up for himself.

“Unlike the other husbands on the show, Martell speaks his mind, and he goes off on anybody he feels is going off on him. We’ve seen it on my show “Love and Marriage Huntsville,” and Martell speaks his mind. He’s a Capricorn. He pledged the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi,” he explained. “So to know he and a titan like Kenya had a moment, it’s like oh, I can’t wait. He’s gonna make sure that these women know that he’s not the [RHOA] husbands you’re used to. Like, if y’all go gutter, I am going Jason, Friday the 13th, basement on y’all.”