Dancing With the Stars isn’t a reality show where popularity necessarily gets you the coveted trophy. It’s a competition where skills and passion thrust the competitors forward each week. As celebrities compete, laying their all on the dance floor, the competitor pool continues to get fewer and fewer until the winner is the only one left dancing.

Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong perform "How Far I'll Go"

Kenya Moore and her pro partner Brandon Armstrong ended up in the bottom two for the second time, despite having performances loved by fans and the judges. The pair performed a contemporary dance to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

The emotional performance from Moore was dedicated to her sweet daughter, Brooklyn. Childbirth is a miracle within itself, but for Brooklyn, her existence is even more special as Moore was only given a 5% chance at conceiving. Moore’s performance signified to Brooklyn that sky is the limit. Moore also hopes to continue to lead Brooklyn by example.

How the judges reacted

Moore’s performance was well-received. The two missteps were dismissed as Armstrong’s error, who admitted fault. Bruno Tonioli acknowledged the emotion Moore put into her performance. Carrie Ann Inaba that this was the most she’d seen Moore be free on the dance floor while Len Goodman called Moore’s performance first class. Derek Hough praised Moore as well. However, the scores did not reflect the judges’ opinions. Moore and her partner received 29 out of 40.

People are upset on social media

Fans set social media ablaze. “They’re really judging Kenya more harshly than these other rhythmless folks on this show, and I’m not here for it,” tweeted one user.

"Seriously the judges are so hard on Cody and Kenya! Like who did they piss off to get the tough judges?" asked a fan.

“The way #DWTS is underscoring Kenya Moore… this is a civil rights issue,” stated another fan. “Did you see how they praised Kenya, then gave her 7’s smh. I’m just about done with #DWTS bad enough I have to deal with Ms.Tyra, but the judges tonight got me piss off,” added another.

Viewers will have to watch next week to see if Moore and Armstrong will be judged like this again.