Kenya Moore has not had the easiest sting on Dancing With the Stars. Though the 50-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star says competing on the show has been a longtime dream of hers, it’s been challenging. Moore is currently embattled in a contentious divorce from her on-again-off-again husband, Marc Daly. She’s balancing a grueling rehearsal schedule for the show, which can be taxing on the body. Furthermore, Moore has to care for an active toddler, Brooklyn.

This week was difficult as Moore danced through pain after suffering an injury.

“I was just shocked. This has been such a tough week for me,” Moore told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m dancing injured. I had this emotional low last night after we performed, and it was just overwhelming to fight so much and do a great dance and then end up in the bottom again. I don’t even know how I felt. I just was overwhelmed.”

Moore says her injury occurred while dancing with her pro partner Brandon Armstrong during the recent Heroes night as a part of Disney week. “I thought I broke my ribs,” she said. She did not make it to an emergency room or urgent care the night of her performance but saw a doctor the morning after.

"I was OK, but I just didn't want to stop dancing,” she said.

“It meant everything for me to be here. I danced through all of that pain…Poor Brandon, every time he would touch me, he would be like, ‘Are you OK? Are you OK?'” Armstrong joked, “[Kenya] told me she is not 50, but she is not 22.”

Because of the injury and two weeks of low scores, Moore became overwhelmed and admits to having an emotional breakdown. “I was in my bed after our dance, and, you know, we keep getting scored so low and there are just a lot of emotional things going on in my life right now. It was just overwhelming for me, honestly,” she said. “I just cried myself to sleep last night.”

Her inspiration

She credits her daughter Brooklyn for being her light and inspiration through the process. “She runs to the door when she sees me. She gives me so much happiness,” Moore said of her little girl. “She’s the only real source of happiness, and being here dancing and Brandon, they give me so much happiness right now.”