Audible has announced three new audio originals that will be produced by Kerry Washington‘s production company Simpson Street. The three greenlit projects include Prophecy, Between Me and You and The Last Black Queen.

Washington, along with the head of Audible Studios, Zola Mashariki, will have a conversation at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival centered around innovative audio storytelling.

1. More about Simpson Street's Audible projects:

The first of the three Original podcasts will be Prophecy, launching in 2022, followed by Between Me and You and The Last Black Queen. The Podcasts will range from romantic comedies to epic science fiction tales.

Washington and Simpson Street are s executive producers on all the scripted audio projects, and Washington is also attached to star in Prophecy.

Washington commented on the new partnership, saying, “Our focus at Simpson Street is to weave together narratives that honor our unique differences while connecting us through shared humanity. Expanding into the podcast space, especially with Audible, is a phenomenal opportunity to engage in storytelling across multiple mediums. We could not be more excited!”

2. Here's the official description of 'Prophecy':

In Prophecy, when a series of unexplainable events happens simultaneously around the world, Virginia (Kerry Washington) – a hydrologist, Daniel – a British zoo veterinarian, and Jonah – a commercial diver, will find themselves at the head of each phenomena; but as they fight for survival, they soon will realize they are all connected in this contemporary, Biblical reimagining of the Virgin Mary, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, and Jonah and the Whale. 

The audio series is created, written, and directed by Randy McKinnon.


3. Descriptions of 'Between Me and You' and 'The Last Black Queen'

Between Me and You is created by New York Times best-selling author Allison Winn Scotch and Pete Chiarelli (The Proposal, Crazy Rich Asians). It is based on the book by Scotch and the “scripted romantic comedy podcast will introduce a couple, at a breaking point, asking themselves: Is it possible to forgive and forget?”

The Last Black Queen, created by Darnell Brown (BET’s American Soul, HBO’s Kent State) “is an intimate look inside the mind of Maya Foster, a middle-aged mid-level professional carrying the superhuman weight of expectation that Black women shoulder every day, ignoring her own desires for a more exciting, meaningful life. That is until she meets Aimeģ, a mysterious and seductive young woman who unleashes a sexual awakening in Maya that threatens to destroy her marriage, job, and any semblance of her former existence.”

Washington, Prophecy creator, writer, and director Randy McKinnon, Mashariki, and Variety journalist Angelique Jackson will engage conversation about the creative process behind scripted audio storytelling at Sundance later this month.