Red Origins: An Original Animated SeriesThe project hails from Kolanut Productions – a self-described animation, comic, and game productions company that focuses on providing diverse media that is predominantly centered but not exclusive to the untapped and emerging market of African Magical Futurism.

Read on and learn about "Red Origins," watch the pitch video that follows, and if you’re sold, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page to make a contribution to a campaign that’s going into its final 2 weeks, with 25% of its $15,000 goal raised thus far.

Synopsis: Red Origins is a show that follows Obi, Temi and John as they mystically get transported to "Neo Africa" in 2070. Upon arrival they mistakenly break a bronze taboo and are forced to join a Peacekeeping Magical Juju Force. In order to return home they must help stop a brewing war between Ancestral Africa and Neo Technological Africa. It is spell casting magical juju daggers versus energy wave cannons; which side will you take? Whatever side you take get ready for a clash that will surely shake the entire world, on Red Origins!

"RED ORIGINS" is an African animated series created by Kolanut Productions, an up and coming independent animation, comic, and game productions company. Kolanut Productions focuses on providing diverse media that is predominantly centered on, but not exclusive to the untapped and emerging market of African Magical Futurism. We need your help to tell the GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD!

Onyi and Obi collaborated on Red Origins two years ago, at first as an extracurricular project, but eventually they realized they had potentially written an exciting story that would explore African Oral Folklore and introduce the fascinating concept of Juju to the world. Ambitiously enough the Udeh brothers then established Kolanut Productions, an independent production company, in hopes of bringing their characters and various ideas to life. With your help and generosity that hope can become a reality! Currently our production company is working diligently to raise funds in order to pay animators, writers, and editors and also to ensure a top quality pilot episode for fans and contributors. Kolanut has several artists on standby waiting for us reach our financial goals and after we’re successful in finishing the pilot we will collaborate with the various networks we have access to and finally get Red Origins aired! If we are unsuccessful going down this route that will not be the end of our efforts. The Red Origins team will then shift focus to creating web based series instead. As you see we are determined to share this story with the world because of how appreciative we know anime fans as well as cartoon fans will be to see something completely new and intriguing!

Pitch video below; Kickstarter campaign widget underneath: