Scott Mescudi, known to most of the world as rapper, singer-songwriter, producer Kid Cudi, has added 2 new roles to his fledgling acting resume: an apocalyptic indie comedy titled Goodbye World, starring Adrian Grenier, and an indie thriller titled Tacoma, with Patricia Clarkson.

The first, which just wrapped principal photography, under Denis Henry Hennelly's direction, follows a group of college friends who reunite in a remote Northern California town as civilization collapses.

Kid Cudi plays one of the college friends, an eccentric computer hacker. He's joined by a couple (Adrian Grenier, Kerry Bishe) whose off-the-grid home becomes the gathering place for the eclectic group, a disgraced yet idealistic Washington, D.C., insider (Gaby Hoffman), and a formerly imprisoned radical activist (Mark Webber).

"Sarah (Adina Smith) and I set out to write an apocalypse story about that moment we don't usually see — the part of the story that happens between the cataclysmic event and the trials of survival that come with the new world… Along with Mary Pat (Bentel), our producers from Picturesque Films, and a diverse and dynamic group of actors, we worked to shoot a film that ultimately questions if Americans can still embrace our revolutionary spirit and sense of community," said director Hennelly.

No ETA yet on when Goodbye World can be expected to debut – likely in 2013, on the film festival circuit.

And secondly, just last month, Kid Cudi was cast in an indie thriller titled Tacoma – described as a feature length narrative thriller about a real estate agent who wanted to be a dancer.

The longer synopsis reads:

Laura is stuck in a dead-end real estate job in Tacoma, Washington where she lives and works with her domineering mother. Her one escape from their claustrophobic life together is a beginning modern dance class at the local community center. But when her dance teacher is brutally murdered in a short-sale scam gone bad, she doesn't know who to trust.

Stewart Thorndike is directing from his own screenplay.

Cudi will be playing a character named Yanni, who's said to be Cynthia's lover. But who's Cynthia? The synopsis doesn't mention her, and neither does IMDB. But I'm sure we'll find out soon enough as the film continues to cast. 

He joins the aforementioned Patricia Clarkson and Michael Showalter.

The film is currently in pre-production.

Cudi is still relatively new to acting; from 2010 to 2011, for 2 seasons, he co-starred in the HBO comedy series How to Make It in America, as part of the main cast, until its cancellation last year.

The 2 above new projects will mark his entry into big screen, feature film acting.