The third showing in the Chicago screening of the L.A.
touring film series will continue on Thursday May 2 with a screening of Charles Burnett’s 1983 film My
Brother’s Wedding

Burnett’s tragicomedy, which was his second feature film
after Killer of Sheep, tells the
story of a young man Pierce, a rather feckless
and aimless youth who drifts though life working at his parents’ day cleaning
store with no particular goals or aims in life. But that suits him just fine.

However, his whole world is turned completely upside down when
he agrees to be the best man to his more successful lawyer brother’s wedding to the daughter of a
very well-to-do family, who Pierce can’t stand. Eventually it all leads up to a dilemma
in which Pierce, for the first time, has to make a decision about his life.

The version screened will be Burnett’s 2007 “director’s cut”
which is actually shorter that his original 1983 version. Considering that “director
cuts” always tend to be longer, it would be interesting to ask why Burnett’s definitive
version is shorter than his original version.

And you will have the chance, since the master filmmaker
himself, Charles Burnett, will be present at the screening of his film.

The screening starts at 7PM and will take place at the Logan
Center of the Arts
, located on the University
Chicago campus, at 915 E. 60th St.

professor and curator of the L.A. Rebellion film series Jacqueline Stewart will introduce the
film, and conduct a Q and A with Burnett afterward.

Last week’s screening of Emma Mae (hosted by yours truly) played to a capacity crowd (Thank you to all of you who came out), and no doubt, Wedding will be popular as well, so make sure to get your tickets ASAP.

And, as with all the Chicago screenings, tickets are FREE but you must RSVP right HERE.