I think I speak for the rest of the S&A crew when I say that we're fans of Lance Reddick's work; most will likely remember him from his role in HBO's hit series The Wire, or maybe most recently, from Fringe.

Reddick has formed a production company called Christai Productions, along with manager/producer Steven Adams, with the goal being to develop "actor story-driven film and television projects with juicy lead characters that will attract talent and are a little "outside the box" but with a sharp eye to genre and budget," says the press release.

"I'm fortunate to have worked with so many great actors, writers, directors and producers over the years and have access to such amazing and incredibly talented people. We formed Christai to collaborate with these people and take our relationships to a new level," says Reddick.

And one of those collaborations is already complete – a thriller titled St. Sebastian’s, which stars Reddick, alongside Bill Fichtner, Constance Zimmer and Lawrence Gillard, and was directed by Danny DeVito, produced in association with Jersey Films with Steve Bing as an executive producer.

St Sebastian's is described "a suspense thriller with a supernatural twist;" and a second project is currently in development with Red Tails director Anthony Hemingway attached to helm, titled Other Animals., described as "a wry tale of intersecting lives, including an aging pop star and a hit man."

Christai Productions also plans projects for TV with an emphasis on edgier content for cable.

Up next for Reddick, look for him in the Viola Davis education reform drama Won’t Back Down, which is scheduled for a fall release. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from this new production venture.