Here’s some news that should put a smile on your face. Jumping The Broom star Laz Alonso is throwing his hat into the indie film world with plans to write and produce a feature.

Recently, at a Hennessy Remixed Cocktails and Conversations event, he explained his pursuit saying…“I’m writing with my writing partner a script that takes place in post-earthquake Haiti; it’s a drama. Last year there was a tremendous amount of conversation on the blackout at the Oscars. In my opinion, I don’t feel that there is a blackout if we didn’t make any movies to get nominated. It’s only a blackout if we made Oscar-worthy movies that did not get nominated, and it’s our job to raise our money. There’s a tremendous amount of black wealth that we can tap on … so that’s what I’m doing. I’m raising my own finances, and I’m gonna shoot this independently.”

He plans on leveraging his Wall Street friendships from the past.

A lot of things are coming full circle, and a lot of the friends I had when I was on Wall Street, when we were all young bucks, just coming into the street, now they’re very successful money managers and stock brokers and bond salesmen, and they all wanna get into the film business,” he says. “So they’re looking at diversifying them and their clients portfolios, and I have legitimate sources for funds.”

Alonso, who didn’t care for his financing job, feels that era in his life had meaning saying…“I never knew what my purpose on Wall Street was, especially since I hated every second I was there,” he says with a chuckle, “but now it’s starting to show itself to me — why I was there and why I made the connects that I did.”

Way to go Laz! Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table. You can read more of this article at