Writer/Director J.D. Walker along with her producer Trevite Willis (Children of God, 2010) are seeking crowdfunding via Kickstarter for their upcoming feature film THE
, a dramatic love story about a divorced single mom who is forced to confront her
ex-husband, dysfunctional family, and teenage daughter about her secret
life with another woman.  

The Postwoman highlights the private,
complex and, often times, lonely battle mothers endure when they seek to
wrest control of their own destiny in the face of adversity, intense
scrutiny, and homophobia. This feature film is based on a short by Walker (also
called “The Postwoman“) that screened at Qwocmap (where it originated)
Frameline 34, The Boston LGBT Film Festival, Out in Film, PDX’s African
American Film Fest (where it won “BEST SHORT”), Michigan Womyn’s Film
Festival, Reel Sistas of the African Diaspora Film Festival, The New
York African Diaspora Film Festival, countless Black Pride film
festivals, and more. 

You may recognize J.D. Walker as the 2013 Sundance Film Festival
Pitching Contest winner where she was also the Honorable Mention winner for THE
in the Sundance ‘Table Read My Screenplay’ Contest. The Postwoman is her
debut feature film in which she will wear the screenwriter and director hats, and the project needs
support raising funds for production expenses in order to begin filming. As they note on the Kickstarter campaign page, “We plan to shoot 19 days so whatever you can donate (even if it’s a FB post or tweet) will help tremendously!”   The awarded funds will be used for Production Expenses to help pay for: Cast, a Full Production Team, Accommodations, and Travel Expenses.   

In the crowdfunding promo, Walker states that being a Black woman of
color that she’s had problems raising finances for a film about a woman of color who
struggles to come out to her family.  She also states that it despite the theme that the film does not
seek to convert anyone to a certain lifestyle but raise awareness of healthy families that are striving regardless of gender, race, class or
sexuality.    The Postwoman will also a myriad of themes: identity, the triple oppression of
Black women, and unconditional love. Walker also pledges that through the film they, “…hope to humanize women of
color who are raising healthy families and show that unconditional love
is truly the conduit and the catalyst that can change all.”

Casting-wise, the film will star actress Margaret Kemp from Willis’ 2010 film Children of God as the lead character Alyssa.  Also slated to star are actor Van Brown, Ignacio Rivera from Cheryl Dunye’s Mommy Is Coming, and actress/director Evita Castine (Saudade).

See much more information on their Kickstarter page and on the official The Postwoman website.