Michelle Williams, Romeo Miller, Tina Knowles-Lawson and more are next up in the T.D. Jakes-produced Seven Deadly Sins films at Lifetime.

Thanks to the success of Lust and Envy as part of the Seven Deadly Sins films, Lifetime has greenlit additional movies in the seven-part anthology movie installment.

Wrath and Greed are next in line. Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story stars Michelle Williams, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Romeo Miller, and Antonio Cupo. Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story is led by Monique Coleman and also stars LisaRaye McCoy, Eric Benét and Nathan Witte.

Williams makes her Lifetime movie debut in 'Wrath'

In Wrath, Williams plays Chastity Jeffries, a lawyer who meets Xavier Collins (Cupo). On the surface, he’s everything a girl could dream of: handsome, smart and a lawyer. But Chastity quickly learns that Xavier’s affinity for her is actually obsession. Chastity discovers she’s fallen too deeply and is losing herself in the relationship and decides it’s best to end things. But Xavier has a difficult time letting go. She confides in her mother Sarah (Knowles-Lawson) and her childhood boyfriend Roger Thompkins (Miller) for support. In the end, she has to fight for her freedom.

Coleman headlines 'Greed'

In Greed, Coleman stars as Zuri Maxwell, an interior designer with a booming career, family, friends, and a man she loves in Stephon Gardner (Witte). Greed threatens to destroy everything after she meets handsome benefactor and entrepreneur Godfrey Anderson (Benét) and his wealthy aunt Miss Viv (McCoy). They have everything Zuri thinks she wants and she risks it all for her chance at the lifestyle.

In addition to Jakes, Derrick Williams and Shaun Robinson are also executive producers. The films are directed by Troy Scott from scripts written by Richard Blaney, Gregory Small (Wrath) and Wuese Houston-Jibo (Greed).

Wrath and Greed air on April 16 and 23, respectively.