LisaRaye McCoy has apparently once again been left in the dark concerning life-changing news with about her sister, DaBrat. Last year, DaBrat appeared on Cocktails With Queens to surprise LisaRaye for her birthday.

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Viewers and cast received the surprise of their lives when LisaRaye didn’t receive her sister with a warm embrace. The moment went viral. LisaRaye was hurt that the way she discovered her DaBrat and her partner, Jessica Dupart’s relationship was online instead of directly from DaBrat.

LisaRaye appeared on It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast where she shared she did not know about the announcement until it hit social media. She said that the news was “wonderful,” before detailing how she had no idea about the news or gender because she was once again not privy to the information.

“I found out through social media,” she told Harper. “This takes me back. This takes me back. Because I’m sure you have heard of the last kind of encounter that we had that went viral.”

“There was a whole life that was going on on social media that I really didn’t know nothin’ about,” she told Harper. “I just felt slighted. What I thought was anger was really hurt.”

She continued, “I did see the reveal of them expecting and expanding their family and I didn’t know anything about it as well. I do realize that when people grow up…when you have a relationship…even the Bible tells you, when a man findeth a woman he findeth a good thing."

“Even in this situation, when you find a partner, you find a good thing,” she added. “You’re supposed to cling to that partner. I get that. But it’s supposed to be a bonus. It’s supposed to be an add-on, not a subtraction. It should be an inclusive situation.”

Although the sisters are stated apart, LisaRaye maintains that she is open and always available for her sister which makes her feel a way. “I’m a phone call away. So yes, to answer your question, I do feel a certain kind of way about it. It’s a reality check of ‘Well, wow.’”