Almost exactly a year ago, Michael Bay promised that there would be no robo-minstrelsy in Transformers 3 (aka Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which will be released this July). Specifically, the twins, Mudflap and Skids, the “jive-talking” “black robots,” with faces resembling monkeys, gold cap teeth, and are illiterate bumbling fools; recall they caused quite a stir when they were featured in the second Transformers movie, with Michael Bay being accused of promoting stereotyping and caricatures, and being labeled a racist.

After all of that, Bay said he did it for the kids and essentially blamed the voice actors who were hired for those two robots; he later said that Skids and Mudflap won’t be returning for the 3rd installment of the silly, loud blockbuster franchise.

Well, actually, it looks like both robots will be in the upcoming installment of the series, says Syfy’s blastr blog, and other sites, claiming that a scene with the robots was shot for the movie. In what capacity will they be involved exactly? No one seems to know yet. Of course, they may still never make it into the final film, whether scenes were shot with them or not.

This isn’t a movie I plan on seeing anyway…