Miss Wanda from Love and Marriage: Huntsville is making headlines again. But this time, fans, say she may have gone too far.

What is Love and Marriage: Huntsville?

Love and Marriage: Huntsville is a reality TV show that follows several couples in the city of Huntsville as they navigate their way through the world of romance and marriage. The show focuses on everything from first dates to wedding planning, providing viewers with an up-close and personal look at what it means to be in a committed relationship in today’s modern world. 

About the Cast

The cast of Love and Marriage: Huntsville includes a wide range of characters, each with their own unique backstories and perspectives on love and relationships. Some have been married for years, while others are just getting started. The show’s cast also includes both straight couples and same-sex couples, providing an authentic look at modern relationships from all different angles.

Who is Miss Wanda?

Miss Wanda is the mother of cast member LaTisha Scott. She stepped onto the ‘Love and Marriage’ scene guns blazing and seemingly hasn’t looked back since.

Miss Wanda is a big personality on reality TV. But many fans are fed up with her drama, saying she often takes things too far.

Recently, viewers became upset over her behavior following an alleged physical altercation between Martell Holt and the Scott brothers, Marsau and Maurice. Fans speculated that Miss Wanda was behind it all, and as a result, they created a petition to have her removed from the series altogether.

Love her or hate her, Miss Wanda certainly knows how to get people talking. Still, many fans find her personality overbearing, with some even calling for her removal from the show altogether. Here are five reasons why fans call Miss Wanda such a polarizing character:

1. She Unabashedly Speaks Her Mind

Recently, Melody Holt took to IG Live to talk to her fans about an event she was attending as she sat in her vehicle. She quickly exits her vehicle, yelling for her ex-husband Martell Holt to stop fighting another attendee at the event.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Miss Wanda hopped on IG Live to tell her version of events. First, she accused Melody Holt of “putting her finger all up in [her face.]” Then, things took a nasty turn when Miss Wanda advised Holt to find her biological father because the man she calls her father has rid himself of her.

2. She Doubles Down on the Drama

During her Livestream, a fan called Miss Wanda out for being “too old to be behaving this way.” But instead of toning it down, Miss Wanda doubled down, saying, “You’re never too old to be acting like anything.”

Miss Wanda continued her Livestream, gloating about her role in the physical altercation, saying she “whoops a** and takes names later.”

3. No One is Off Limits

Many fans accuse Miss Wanda of being the cause of much of the drama on the show. And after she made shady comments regarding the paternity of Martell and Melody Holt’s youngest daughter, they started a petition to have her removed from Love and Marriage: Huntsville permanently.

Upon hearing of the petition, Miss Wanda took the opportunity to clear her name. As reported by Urban Belle Mag, she addressed the boycott in an online video.

“I don’t feel like I called no baby name or said anything about the baby. And the only thing I said was I was talking to the mama. I did tell the mother she needs to find out who her baby daddy was. She talking about my baby daddy so why can’t I talk about hers? I don’t care if they grown, young, or whatever. If you grown and you decide to talk, I mean you get the same treatment. Ain’t no difference. There’s no difference. It’s the same thing.”

4. She Has A Lot More To Say

While addressing the petition, Miss Wanda says that even though her detractors try to villainize her, her fans know the truth. And if anyone else wants to try Miss Wanda, she has plenty more where that came from.

As Urban Belle Mag previously reported, Miss Wanda told her haters, “I got an energized battery inside of me. So I’m not worried about what the negative people say. I like the positive inbox everybody has been giving me. I love it. So I’m not worried about what the negative people say because in order to start your car up, you gotta have the negative and the positive to get it started, okay? So to get me started, I need the negative people and the positive. And then I’m ready to go.”