Love and Marriage: Huntsville star Destiny Payton is uncertain if she and Melody Shari will ever be friends again, but she can admit that in one of their latest on-screen arguments, she took things too far. During the re-opening of her hair store, Payton confronted Shari about not speaking to her upon entering her store, despite camera footage showing otherwise. Shari’s mother Miss Vanessa interjected, and Payton’s remarks were disrespectful.

Fans are upset with Destiny Payton

After watching the episodes, fans have expressed being shocked by Payton’s actions. They appear to be unwarranted and drawn out.

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, one Instagram user commented under a post of a clip from IG blog OMFGRealityTV:

“Destiny is so disappointing this season… [Destiny] is so hurt by her and Melody not being cool just admit it atp.”

Payton responded: “I hate I disappointed you. I disappointed myself by keeping so much in [and] therefore causing confusion on why I was in the space I was in. #knowbetterNow”

Destiny feels she Owes Ms. Vanessa an apology

Despite the issues, she has with Shari, Payton believes she needs to apologize to Miss Vanessa. During their argument, Payton told Miss Vanessa that she pimps out her daughter.

Payton addressed the ordeal in an IG live chat with fans.

“Why did you say to Ms Van [to] stop pimpin your daughter?” a fan asked. Payton responded: “I gave a quick response in a moment of high emotions because I felt disrespected. Yet I was raised better than that. She is my elder and I owe Mrs. Van an apology.

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