Season 6 of Love & Marriage: Huntsville is here and the drama is in full effect.

In episode 3, titled “Hasta La Tisha, baby,” Tisha questions if there’s a future in her relationship with Keke. Marsau’s business move and communication misstep cause marital discord. Papa Scott comes to town. Tisha hosts a girls’ spa night where Keke is called on the carpet for her past actions.

The episode premieres on Saturday, April 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on OWN.

The clip begins with Melody, Tiffany, and Stormi sitting in a spa. As Melody admires the serene environment, Tiffany gets things started, noting her irritation with Tisha’s cousin, Keke. The two have been on the outs since Keke seemingly made it her priority to befriend Melody as she and Tisha had contention. Keke also spread information about Tisha’s marriage to Marsau within the group.

“I’m actually just trying to figure everything out because I’ve gotten a chance to get to know everyone else, mainly because you brought us all in,” she tells Melody. “But I don’t know her like that. But it worries me that she would be disrespectful to anyone in her family. Like I saw Tisha cry real tears. And it’s none of my business.”


In a confessional, Stormi shares her feelings on Tiffany having such an interest in confronting Keke. But she’s more focused on Melody’s intent on staying out of the drama. “Tiffany is trying to have a conversation with Mel about Keke, and Mel is not here for it,” she says. But Stormi is irked by Melody’s passive-aggressive nature regarding her completely ignoring the subject instead of voicing that she doesn’t want to participate in the mess.

“Instead of saying, ‘Listen girl, I don’t want to talk about it’ and all of that, Mel is like ‘The room is so lovely, and it’s so peaceful,’ Stormi adds. Earlier in the clip, Tiffany shares similar sentiments about Mel, asking her if she’s trying to deflect.

Watch the clip below: