When messy mamas get in the mix of reality television, it makes matters heightened. A prime example is Momma Dee, Scrappy’s mother, on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It looks as if drama is being expanded upon on the OWN reality series Love & Marriage: Huntsville due to Tisha Scott’s mother, Ms. Wanda, and fans want her removed from the show as a result.

Ms. Wanda has been at the forefront of drama between cast members

From the start of the show, Ms. Wanda has been viewed as an overbearing mother, typically in the affairs of Latisha’s marriage with her husband Marsau. The overprotective mother feels Marsau doesn’t respect Tisha, lacks on his responsibilities as a father at times, and may be guilty of cheating.

In addition to getting into her daughter’s marital business, Ms. Wanda also holds no punches for Tisha’s social circle and anyone she deems as being an enemy of her daughter’s, namely Melody Holt. Ms. Wanda has made disparaging comments about Martell and Melody Holt’s children’s appearances, saying they look unkempt. She even recently questioned the paternity of their youngest child, which many feel crossed the line.

There was reportedly a recent physical altercation with Ms. Wanda at the center

Urban Belle Mag reports that during a recent Instagram Live session, Melody revealed that there was an issue of her children being disrespected, and her and Martell joined forces to handle it. Per multiple reports, Ms. Wanda was the target. Things reportedly turned physical between Martell and the Scott brothers – Marsau and Maurice. 

Both Ms. Wanda and Melody went live to address the situation afterward. Though many details were not revealed, Ms. Wanda claimed she hit Melody, which Melody denied. 

Petition surfaces to have Ms. Wanda removed from the show

Fans of the show are calling to have Ms. Wanda fired, citing she’s continued to take things too far and below the belt. A petition was filed on Change.org that reads: “Remove Wanda Moore Leeth from Love and Marriage Huntsville!”

The petition continues in part: “Wanda Moore Leeth is a menace to Black Excellence.  Her appearance on the hit OWN show, Love and Marriage Huntsville, has been fraught with ghetto ratchedness, drama, and chaos.  As a “friend of the show”, her appearance is clearly NOT needed.”

Well Ms. Wanda caught wind of the petition and of course addressed it in another Instagram live. “I heard everybody got a petition going on with me to get me kicked off the show….I got an energized battery inside of me. So I’m not worried about what the negative people say. I like the positive inbox everybody has been giving me.” 

Cast members divided on whether or not Ms. Wanda will return

Interestingly, Martell recently stated on an Instagram live that Ms. Wanda is no longer a part of the show. But Ms. Wanda’s son-in-law Marsau came to her defense in an Instagram post. Check it out below:


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