Fans of Love & Marriage: Huntsville fans are campaigning to have controversial star Martell Holt booted from the OWN show.

Holt has been in the news a lot recently. It all started with his alleged relationship with RHOA star Sheree Whitfield, and his soured relationship with his former long-term mistress Arionne Curry. But after blasting his ex-wife Melody Shari in a lengthy Instagram post about their struggles in co-parenting, fans want him off the show.

Martell issues a statement to Melody

After Melody revealed in interviews with TMZ and The Shade Room that she was unaware of Martell’s relationship with Whitfield and their ongoing custody war, Martell took to Instagram to air his frustrations.

“Stop going live and doing interviews if you don’t want to speak positive about the father of your 4 children. I have not spoken negatively or about you lately, even when asked about you,” he wrote in part in a now-deleted Instagram post.

He says he is requesting full custody of their children due to Melody now allowing him the first choice of who watches their children when it's not his custody week.

Martell claims Melody has had over 24 people babysit their children in her absence since their split.

“I’m 2-0 in court & She is 0-2. My attorney is 4-0 against her attorney. The courtroom isn’t Social Media! JUDGES HEAR FACTS,” he added. “Stop saying that I’m not ACTING like a supportive dad, I’ve been the more active parent since day one, before cameras, I really love and care for my children unconditionally.”

He also says Melody has lied about him disciplining their son with physical force. Melody hasn’t responded.

Fans start petition to have Martell removed

After his statement was released, a fan of the reality show posted a petition via asking for Martell to be removed from the show. They previously did so for Latisha Scott’s mother, Ms. Wanda.


As for why they want Martell removed, the fan laid a few of Martell's transgressions that they believe should have him fired, noting his affair, side baby, and alleged stealing $17,000 from Melody.

They also accuse Martell of homophobia due to statements made about Melody’s brother Marcus and his husband. Martell has made it clear he is uncomfortable with Marcus and his husband around their children unsupervised.

The petition has over 1,000 signatures at the time of this article's publishing.

View the full petition copy below:

Martell Holt has become dangerous and unhinged. He cheated on his beautiful wife of 12 years with Coleslaw who bore him an outside son in the marriage. Then he sues the ex wife for needing daycare since she has to work. He stole $17,000 out of the joint bank account before the divorce was final. He refused to let his ex wife get her things out of the marital home resulting in his kids having to sleep on air mattresses. He allegedly abuses his son causing Melody to have to report him and keep her kids safe from him for 56 days. He needed to be physically restrained by Marsau on the Vegas trip because he was getting too aggressive with his ex wife. He disrespects women and any woman who comes close to him has to be ashamed! Now he’s taking his ex wife to court for full custody because she let her gay brother babysit their 4 children. We are cancelling Martell Holt for homophobia and abuse. We are asking for the CANCELLATION Of Martell Holt including boycotting his products and Sutter Homes wine. If that doesn’t work we will boycott Love & Marriage Huntsville until Carlos King limits his exposure on the show. This abuse and homophobic views can not go unnoticed any longer.