Love and Marriage: Huntsville is turning into Love & Hip Hop, according to some fans after many cast members including Martell Holt and Ms. Wanda came to blows. After the latest episode showing the Holts and Scotts nearly coming to blows after online jabs were traded, many wonder if the show has lost its way. Latisha Scott’s mother Ms. Wanda is at the center of the drama. Initially, many viewed it as a more positive reality series highlighting successful Black relationships (at times) and businesses. But views have changed.

Melody confronts Ms. Wanda

Episode 5 picked up at Destiny Payton’s event at her beauty store. Melody is accused of crashing the event and spots LaTisha Scott’s mother Ms. Wanda, giving out food to patrons.

She takes it as her chance to confront Ms. Wanda about comments she made online questioning the paternity of her youngest child.

Ms. Wanda stands by her comments, and the Scotts seemingly defend her, alleging everyone throws shots at everyone online. Hands are thrown in faces, and Ms. Wanda even lunges at Melody on two different occasions.

Things turn physical between the men

While discussing the arguments between the ladies. Martell Holt and Marsau Scott get into a heated conversation and both men need to be restrained after someone is pushed in the process. Martell is afraid the whole ordeal will negatively affect his business relationship with the Scotts.

Fans react

Fans have mixed emotions regarding who is to blame. Many say Ms. Wanda is at fault for inserting herself into the cast’s drama. Others blame LaTisha for not putting her mom in her place. And some say Melody is equally to blame, accusing her of making smart comments covered up with a smile. Either way, fans are disappointed.

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