When Love & Marriage: Huntsville first began, the friendship between Melody Holt (aka Melody Shari) and Latisha Scott was admirable to watch. Melody supported Scott as she transitioned from stay-at-home wife and mother to a businesswoman, and Scott supported Shari as she grappled with the infidelity in her marriage. But as Shari’s marriage disseminated, their friendship soured and nasty accusations about Scott’s marriage was unearthed. The two women never fully got back on track. But now Scott wants the beef to be over and done with for all.

Latisha wants the drama to end

Producer Carlos King was set to go live with the three main women on Huntsville but learned Shari couldn’t join the live chat due to Scott and Shari having one another blocked on Instagram. Urban Belle Mag reports that King asked if it was possible for them to move on. For Scott, she says she has tried to.


Sure!” She added, “Anything can always happen. But, it’s just… Both parties have to be willing to move the **** on.”

Scott added:  “They have to really be ready to move on. Like, I was ready. But then… I don’t know y’all, I don’t know.”

She shared similar sentiments in her interview with DJ Richie Skye,

She noted that while she doesn’t foresee a friendship with Shari again, she hopes they can move forward as cordial co-workers.

Additionally, she says they can support one another from afar.