Martell Holt’s marital indescritons are no secret to Love & Marriage: Huntsville fans. The father of five shares four children with his ex-wife Melody Shari. Their marriage ended amid Holt continuing his long-term affair with his mistress Arionne Curry and confirming that she was pregnant with his fifth child. Since the split, Holt and Shari have battled over everything from finances to custody. Recently Holt took to social media in an attempt to air out his ex’s dirty laundry. And according to him, he isn’t the only one who was unfaithful.

Martell says Melody slept with 20 men during their marriage

In total, the former couple were married for 14 years. Within the last five years, Shari says they separated and were headed toward divorce at least twice. One of those times, she moved out and admits she “talked” to another man for about a month before reconciling with Holt. Holt claims Shari admitted to sleeping with the man, but she says whatever she did during that time is not considered cheating because they were not together.

In a lengthy Instagram post shared to his Stories last month, Holt says Shari stepped out dozens of times, sometimes with friends of his.

In the screenshots, which you can see at All About The Tea, he also took shots at her parenting, alleging that he was the “dominant parent” during their marriage.

“Who was watching the kids when you got pregnant twice and had two… Who was watching the kids when you were performing fell$&@ and f-kin 6-7 years ago and go on the reunion and say ‘I can’t remember’…” he asked, per All About the Tea. “

He continued, “Who was watching the kids when you were taking the flights to DC with the same n****! Then come back to me being a proh**!” Martell then went on to list a few people his ex allegedly slept with. “Who was watching the kids when you were with our attorney?” 

He also accused Melody of sleeping with his “frat,” and someone else he knew personally. 

Shari says Holt is bitter over their divorce. She also alleges that even while allegedly moving on with RHOA star Sheree Whitfield, he’s tried to get back with her.