Martell Holt and Melody Shari (aka Holt) of Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s divorce was nasty, but their custody battle is even worse. The two initially had joint legal and physical custody of their four children, but Martell has since filed for full custody, alleging Melody isn’t holding up her end of the bargain. Now, the two are exposing one another on social media. 

Martell says Melody has too many babysitters that he doesn’t approve of

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, according to Martell, the reason he filed for full custody is due to Melody having too many sitters watching their children that he doesn’t approve of. He says Melody has 24 different babysitters and doesn’t allow him the first right to babysit when she is busy with work and travel. He is also not a fan of Melody’s brother Marcus Minnifield and his husband babysitting their children. Martell says he’s uncomfortable with men babysitting his children.

Melody says Martell is homophobic and has been delaying the custody battle that he started

The “Tale Tell Signs” singer says she is ready to expose Martell publicly, accusing him of trying to use their children as pawns in the divorce. She says the children are with her the majority of the time, and Martell has skipped out on court-ordered therapy. She then accused Martell of having his utilities cut off.

She wrote on her stories in part: “Mannnn… This joker been so homophobic for the longest and I ain’t said nothing about it. Nada.” You can view the stories in full on Urban Belle Mag.

As far as men babysitting the children, Melody claims Martell’s uncle is one of his caregivers and has babysat their kids since the divorce.

 She says Martell is homophobic, which is why he doesn’t want her brother and his husband babysitting.

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