The divorce between Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars Melody and Martell Holt was less than amicable. After two years of struggling to co-parent and move past hurt due to Martell’s infidelity, the two appear to be in a better co-parenting space, so much so that they even took a family vacation together. And as it turns out, they are even reverting back to the mentality of #TeamHolt to go against the Scott family after resident trouble maker Miss Wanda made disparaging remarks about their children on social media.

Reports of a physical altercation between the Scotts and Martell Holt surfaced online

Urban Belle Mag reported that during an Instagram Live session, Melody revealed that there was an issue of her children being disrespected, and she and Martell joined forces to handle it. Per multiple reports, Ms. Wanda was the target, after she’d said multiple things about the Holts’ children online, including making comments about their hair and questioning the paternity of the Holts’ youngest child. Things reportedly turned physical between Martell and the Scott brothers – Marsau and Maurice – after they confronted the family about it

Both Ms. Wanda and Melody went live to address the situation afterward.

At the time, many details were not revealed, but Ms. Wanda claimed she hit Melody, which Melody denied. 

Afterward, fans petitioned to have Ms. Wanda removed from the show. Martell alleged she would no longer be filming, which Marsau denied and said Martell didn’t have such power to have Ms. Wanda banned from filming.

Trailer shows how things brew and come to a head

“Have you heard about Wanda again speaking on our children, trying to question the paternity?” Melody asks Martell in a scene from upcoming episodes. In a later clip, she then confronts Wanda at an event, with her mother and Martell alongside her. “I’m stepping to you because you have a lot of sh-t to say on muthaf—–g social media and I’m in your face today,” she tells Wanda, with Wanda snapping back, “Find yo muthaf—–g baby daddy.” 

It then appears that Wanda attempts to swing on Melody before she’s pulled away and Martell interjects.

Martell and the Scott brothers then appear to try and get into a tussle, with their wives trying to force them apart. The next half of the season premieres on Sept. 10.

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