Love & Marriage: Huntsville season 2B is set to begin airing on OWN on January 30. The Carlos King produced series follows three Black elite couples in Huntsville, Alabama. Through their personal friendships and real estate ties, the three couples’ lives overlap and sometimes not in the best way.

Season 1 chronicled the unraveling of the friendship between Marsau and LaTisha Scott and Martell and Melody Hold as a result of Martell’s five-year affair. As it turns out, the Scotts were aware of Martell’s infidelity and poked fun in their confessionals. The show also documents the romance between Marsau’s brother and his new wife – Maurice and Kimmie Scott. Maurice and Kimmie try their best to remain neutral but in the end, they always choose family.

The first half of season 1 showed the Holts trying again to bounce back from Martell’s infidelity as Melody’s career outside of the real estate business and her transition into entertainment began. Unfortunately, Martell’s philandering ways continued, and ahead of the season premiere, it was revealed that not only did Melody file for divorce, but she also packed up and moved to Atlanta.

Season 2 also introduced another new couple, La’Berrick and Destiny Williams, who are aligned with the Holts. 

The Holts and the Scotts remain estranged. It’s unclear what the second half of season 2 will bring, but in the meantime, here’s a brief synopsis of who each player is. 

Martell Holt

Martell is an Alabama A&M graduate. He was an educator for a number of years before starting Holt & Holt Enterprises with Melody. Martell acts as Chief Operating Officer of the business, working alongside contractors and helping to come up with blueprints for Holt & Holt’s custom homes.

Martell’s public image of a devoted father, husband, and businessman did not turn out to be as picture-perfect as he made it seem. Due to his five-year affair, he’s now in the process of a divorce. It’s unclear what he’ll do with Holt & Holt, but with rumors of his longtime mistress giving birth in December, he will need the income.

Melody Holt

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is the brainchild of Melody’s. She had the desire to show the booming real estate market in North Hunstville, which was once a rough area.

A former educator, Melody quit her job as a teacher to work alongside her husband in real estate, beginning Holt & Holt Enterprises. After discovering Martell’s her world crumbled but she opted to fight for her marriage. The couple even welcomed a fourth child but she’s since had enough, citing Martell’s arrogance and unwillingness to stop cheating as her reasoning for filing for divorce.

Per her social media, she is no longer part of the Holt & Holt brand. She’s currently working a lot behind the scenes, not only as an executive producer of Love & Marriage: Huntsville but also as the EP of the OWN docuseries Behind Every Man. melody also has a new lifestyle brand, God Said Go, her own real estate classes, and is recording her own music.

Marsau Scott

Marsau is a commercial general contractor and has been married to his wife for over 15 years. Seasons 1 and 2 document his business expansion, including him opening his own cigar bar.


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Viewers are critical of Marsau for his caveman attitude. He believes in gender roles and takes issue with Latisha’s wish to transition from a full-time homemaker to a working mom. He slowly becomes more accepting of the idea but his drama at home gets even more gritty when Martell accuses him of having his own affairs.

Latisha and Marsau are at a crossroads as she demands that her husband defend their marriage and proves he’s been faithful. There’s also the issue of Marsau’s mother-in-law, Ms. Wanda, and her consistently prying into their marriage.

Latisha Scott

Like her husband, Latisha is also a licensed Commercial Real Estate Developer who just a few years ago, traded in being a stay at home mom to join the job force. Despite her husband’s opposition in her returning to work, she followed her heart and found a job with a local real estate firm. She also started a podcast, Mommy Business. 

Her once-close relationship with Melody is now non-existent due to the fallout between Marsau and Martell. Melody also accuses Latisha of not being supportive and spreading rumors around town regarding Martell’s indesrcetions. 

Maurice Scott

Maurice is the owner of Credit 1 USA, a credit repair company. He also recently graduated from law school and is trying to convince his wife, Kimmie, to quit her full-time job as a nurse and transition fully into entrepreneurship. 

Since the show’s inception, fans watch Maurice fight to move his teenage son from Michigan to Alabama at the unwillingness of his ex-wife, who admits she’s no fan of Kimmie. Season 2 documents his role as a full-time father as his son is finally with him and Kimmie. He also consistently tries to play mediator between his brother Marsau and Martell.

Kimmie Scott

The Baltimore native was a single mom for many years before moving to Alabama and meeting Maurice. The two wed in a lavish all-white yacht ceremony in Miami that aired during Season 1. A Registered Nurse by trade, she is the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, as well as a practicing Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Kimmie has a hard time being in the middle of the drama between Latisha and Melody, though she always stands by her family. Now that her son is a college graduate, she finds herself playing the full-time mom to her stepson.