While the friendship between Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars Destiny Payton and Melody Shari has soured, Payton is unhappy with viewers’ criticism. The beauty store owner has been getting a lot of backlash for the fallout between her and Melody, her friendship with Melody’s ex, and her omission of divorce details. She’s been accused of jealousy and putting on for the cameras. But now, Payton wants respect and support, and says she deserves the same fans give Melody. This all comes amid rumors that Payton is a character witness against Melody in her child custody case against her ex.

Destiny denies she’s supporting Martell in his case as a character witness against Melody

Not only does Payton say she’s not involved in Melody and Martell’s custody case, but she says she is over being painted as the villain in everything that has to do with Melody. Like Melody, Payton has been through a divorce and custody battle, and admits Melody supported her through it. But Payton says unlike in Melody’s case, viewers have not been on her side. 

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, Payton said the following on Instagram live:

“I’m tired of this woe is me and Melody is this and that. I’ma say her name cause I’m sick of it. I’m going through my own stuff,” Destiny said in an Instagram live. “My own stuff. I have a child as well. So for people to be dumb enough to believe that I’m a character witness against another woman, whatever I feel about her, is stupid…”



Payton added:

“You should know better. This is a narrative that I believe someone from the two parties has put out because nobody else knows about any of the cases or the stuff that I have going on and we in the same courthouse. We got the same judge. So I’m sick of it, I’m sick of it.”

She says fans of the show should give her more support

“I’m sick of it, I’m sick of it. So people stop with the woe is, you ain’t supporting, why would you go against…build me up, too!” she said firmly. “I’m dealing with my own stuff, I just don’t put it in the public because it’s no one’s business.”

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